The One-Week Blessing Exercise

If you attempted to do the "blessing exercise" on day one,
you discovered how simple this prayer form is.
At its core is not a complicated technique or a long ritual.
Its power is the desire in your heart for persons and situations
to be immersed in the goodness of Living God. 




There is much evidence today based on real-life experimentation that gratefulness is a powerful resource. The idea behind the "blessing exercise" is much the same: it is a powerful resource that you and Living God conspire together to send into the life of another person, or into the middle of a situation. It is believed the benefits for that other person/situation as well as for you are tangible and real. We are doing some of that frontline experimentation right now, testing that idea. Your notes about your experience help us all learn about more about the power of blessing. You can share them on our facebook page:

Here is the focus for Day Two of the Blessing Exercise: fill some difficult situation with blessing.

Here's how:
After getting settled and centered, imagine a real situation that is difficult. Perhaps it is a relationship full of tension. Perhaps it is a divided workplace. Perhaps it is the situation being faced by refugees around the globe. Perhaps it is an issue of justice where racial tension or economic disparity is causing pain and hardship. Whatever situation comes to your mind, sit with it for a few moments, picture it, sense its impact on the humans involved. 

Now, as an act of ministry in partnership with Redeemer God, say this simple prayer:

  • Bless [the situation/these people], God, with your love.
  • Bless [the situation/these people], God, with your healing.
  • Bless [the situation/these people], God, with your peace.

Say the spoken prayer slowly. Savor the service that is being done through this spoken prayer of blessing.  Sense where they lead your imagination and thoughts and feelings. Perhaps sit in silence a few moments. Then repeat the words. 

As opportunity arises throughout the day, repeat the exercise for that same situation, or others that come to mind.