Biblical Christianity

Biblical Christianity is taking root
in our church and in our community. 
The spark has been ignited, and now
we can fan the flame.



A quite remarkable thing has been happening here in Auburn the last ten years: biblical Christian spirituality has been named and recognized, appreciated and sought after. Stepping back from Auburn for a moment, it's fair to say that the interest in spirituality is nothing new in our larger culture. Spirituality is "in the air." Almost anything can be -- and is -- termed as "spiritual" today. 

There may be several reasons that could explain our culture's interest in spirituality. But only a little probing reveals a simple, but profound, explanation: we want to live. We want to live fully. We want to live freely. Many now know that living fully and freely emanates from a center far beyond cholesterol counts, neighborhoods or square footage. We might be able to call that interior center almost anything, but collectively we have settled on the word "spirituality." Somehow, we know that living fully and freely is a deeply spiritual enterprise. 

Somehow, we know that living fully and freely is a deeply spiritual enterprise.

Back to Auburn. It is the entry to the foothills. It is centered historically in gold country. In the midst of this beautiful town a faith community has settled on and recovered biblical, Christian spirituality as basic to living fully and freely. Over and over this community is returning to this basic text of scripture. Increasingly this community is gathering around Jesus. More and more this community is using the practices of Jesus taught in scripture to go into deep places and seek freedom and fuller transformation. It has been a rare gift to see men and women who have lived years on this earth seek as if for the first time life that is full and free. It has been an honor to journey with some men and women of all ages who are living fully and freely in spite of having suffered extreme loss and bitter disappointments. 

What I am now recognizing is that a new chapter of biblical, Christian spirituality is being birthed in this community. If the spark started somewhere within the church, it is no longer confined to the church. Biblical, Christian spirituality is now spreading into Auburn. It is being practiced and prayed in home, neighborhood and workplace. What was once the concern of a few has now become the robust and mature spiritual health of an entire faith community. 

There are many wonderful and excellent faith communities in Auburn and in the surrounding foothills. But I cannot comment on them because I am not part of them. All I can do is report what I am seeing and experiencing here in this faith community. This fall we are pushing deeper into the biblical and theological roots of our lived faith. We can do this because in the last ten years, biblical, Christian spirituality has taken root in our church.