Spiritual Retreat: A Day of Unhurry

Busyness is a serious enemy of your spiritual life. Turns out hurry is a serious enemy of most important things in your life. 

i have noticed that I become separated and disconnected from people I love when I am too busy. I have noticed that I have trouble sleeping when I am racing. I fail to eat well when I am rushing. My soul gets little attention when my day is too full. So, yes, I stand by what I said: busyness and hurry is a serious enemy of your spiritual life. 

Because of this awareness of the danger of hurry and busyness we are offering you an amazing opportunity: an entire day of unhurry and unbusyness. Saying it more grammatically correct, we are offering you a delicious day of leisure, rest and stillness.

The day is Saturday, Nov. 5. The time is 8am-5pm. The place is Camp Alta, a retreat center located about 4,000 feet up in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  You'll find trails, a lodge and a fireplace, majestic trees, beauty and quietness--all the ingredients necessary for a day of unhurry and unbusyness.

For some who have experienced the power of a day of unhurry, we mainly need to provide you the place and time. You know what to do. We'll be around to support your stillness any way you want. But the day is yours to walk, read, pray, rest and reconnect with important stuff in your life.

For those who want to give this a try but may be intimidated by more than a few minutes of unhurry, we have activities planned to guide you into more and more unhurry and rest.  You'll find bible teaching, simple steps and easy-to-use resources that will help you exchange hurry for unhurry, busyness for unbusyness.

The day is coming. The space is being prepared. You have one important decision: give your soul and life a gift by being part of this day of unhurry.