Ancient-Future Worship

Lots has been written on the growing yearning in our culture to be rooted to a kind of spirituality that has some depth and tradition. There is widespread recognition that the contemporary superficiality that passes for much of modern day church offered worship and spirituality has disconnected us from Living God. As a result, many people and many churches are experimenting with how to reconnect with the ancient and timeless resources that have been part of biblical, Christian worship and spirituality.

This Sunday, at Upper Room Community Church, we are attempting to build an ancient worship service in a contemporary context. The service is the Tenebrae service, sometimes called the Service of Shadows. Through readings from the Gospels and Isaiah, we will hear the journey of Jesus to the cross.  Through devotionals, we will see faces who were there on that journey up the hill of Calvary. Through extinguishing candles, we'll see the darkness that encompassed Jesus as he died. Through communion, we'll remember his death was for us.

Powerful. Moving. Visual. 3-D. Participatory. Experiential. Word of God. Community.