The Armchair Pray-er: A Summer Teaching Series

Did you know... 

75 million Americans go to church?

The #1 reason for going to church is "to connect with God" 

Only 1/3 of those going to church say this goal was met in church? 

So, why do the remaining 2/3 continue to go to church? They have ceased to expect a real encounter with God in church. But they continue to go and have SETTLED for entertaining, fun and comfortable experiences in church.  

We are inviting you to a join us for a summer-long worship experience focusing on prayer as a response to this enormous spiritual problem.  

Why prayer? Two reasons: 

1) prayer is the pathway that leads, step-by-step, to deeper connection with God

2) Prayer is the language of spiritual connection with God and intimacy with God

Our pastor says this about this summer-long series on prayer: "I am viewing this series like a manual on hiking. With the manual in hand, a non-hiker could, over time, ease into long-distance hiking. I learned this first-hand two summers ago when I hiked 500 miles across Spain from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela. I had never done long-distance hiking before. It was incredibly helpful to to study manuals and blogs and talk to seasoned hikers about how to move from casual hiking to being able to hike 15-20 miles per day while carrying all I needed on my back."

This series, and the worship experiences built around it, will be practical. It will be "how-to" focused. It will draw on scripture and life-experience. It will be encouraging, not condemning.  

We believe that together we can ease into deeper and deeper connection with Living God.