Staring Out a Window after Reading Romans

I have been getting ready to teach and preach Romans for the benefit of Upper Room Community Church, the beautiful community I get to pastor. To help me get ready for a November 12 “first sermon” date, I have been exegeting the text of Romans so as to communicate its meaning for the benefit of others in the church. Here is what I found over and over as I read and exegeted Romans:

I was often myself so overcome by the power of the Word that I was brought to tears, to joy, to prayer, to praise. Characteristic for me, I found myself standing for long moments staring out a window, not seeing anything in front of me because the focus of my own gaze was a scene in Romans that had suddenly come alive. I was seeing Paul writing some word to some specific person. Sometimes the object of my focus was my own soul and interior life as a pregnant Word in Romans birthed a fresh awareness about the condition of my own life.

This first-century document written by the apostle Paul to the church in Rome is so powerful! I am not the first to realize this, but I am now among the fortunate to see this. The Word of God is so powerful, so honest, so alive! The more I read it the more it reads me. The more I study it the more grace I receive. The more I look into it, the more I find the Presence of Living God. The longer I read it, the more I find myself standing and staring out a window.