Church Haiku

I have been in the midst of lots of conversations about Upper Room. I have received lots of questions. I have decided to select nine questions that represent many of the current ongoing conversations and provide an answer here for all to see.

With apologies to all of my former teachers, I have decided to use a way of answering inspired from Japanese Haiku which forces you to be brief, concise, and direct.  I am calling this "Church Haiku." So, for the first question, I will provide a one-wordanswer. For the second question, a two-word answer. I will follow this pattern all the way to the ninth question which I will answer with a nine-word anwer.

Grace and peace,

Here goes:

QUESTION #1: What "psyches" you about Upper Room?


QUESTION #2: As American churches go, we are an average-sized church right now. Do we have any top-tier programs worthy of "talk-of-the-town" status?

Children's Ministry.

QUESTION #3: What do you tell your friends about Upper Room?

We're praying more.

QUESTION #4: What challenge we are facing right now excites you the most?

Paying our church debt.

 QUESTION #5: Do we have any upcoming events to which I should invite friends?

Shop and Show, November 12.

QUESTION #6: Besides Christmas Eve, are we doing anything fun for Christmas?

Christmas Treats Progressive Dessert, December 3.

QUESTION #7: When you thank God for Upper Room, what do you say?

I thank God we love His Word.


What is one thing I can do right now that helps Upper Room the most?

You can bring a friend to Sunday worship.


In some ways it appears we have taken on a mission that is too much for us. We are trtying to bring transformation to people and to churches. We are tackling racism and prejudice. We are digging wells and putting food on plates. Can you name anyone else who has taken on a near-impossible task and succeeded?

Gandalf, Frodo, Aragon, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir.


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