Lengthening Our Spiritual Lives

Christians everywhere are preparing for Easter. Some are taking advantage of the season of Lent to get ready for Resurrection Sunday. 

It is no surprise Lent is a season that helps prepare us for Easter. The Christian church has been using Lent in such a manner for hundreds of years. Translating the practice into English, the word chosen was "Lent." In its Old English form, the word meant "to lengthen." It is a beautiful definition. To "Lenten" means "to lengthen." What exactly are Christians lengthening during Lent? Their spiritual lives. Their capacity to experience the presence of Lici g God. Their character so that it more resembles that of Jesus.  

Christians engage in a number of Lenten practices: prayer, silence, giving something up, confession, communion. But the focus is not the practice; the focus is on what is being lengthened: the spiritual life.  

During this season we will feature a number of blogs, ideas and resources that will help you "lenten" your spiritual life.