Full Term Abortion: My Heart Breaks

I have been thinking a lot today of the birth dates of my three children. My children were born at 10:40am, 10:44am and 1:20pm on their respective days of birth. Within moments the embrace and bonding that began were sacred, holy moments.

In one state in our country that moment is no longer a certainty. The state of New York decided last night to legalize full term abortion right up to the very day of the child-in-the-womb’s due date. What this means is that the state of New York declared last night that it is hazardous to be an infant in a womb in that state.  

My heart breaks. 

Almost as appalling was the way the legislature and state celebrated—with cheers, with lighted spires, with pride, with confidence that they had shown the way forward for other states.

My heart breaks.  

My heart is also stirred to action. I will pray. I will give witness to the consistently “for life” ethos of Christian faith. I will embrace the gospel, openly teach the gospel ways and seek deeper ways to be the gospel. I will double my efforts to create in church and classroom fuller acceptance of the life-giving ways of the gospel, deeper understanding of the gospel, and clearer awareness of all that is at stake when the gospel is marginalized.

My heart breaks. But it has been awakened.  This is gospel time.