Esther: A New Sermon Series

Excited about starting this Sunday a genuine dig into the Old Testament story of Esther. This dip into an ancient story will take four months, more like an immersion than a dip.


In spite of the fact that the story is about 2,500 years old, Esther has grown in popularity. Part of the reason has to be how exciting the story reads, like a movie plot with a beautiful queen risking everything to save people from genocide. You walk away from the story admiring courage, wondering what you are being asked to do in your life.

Some of the reason for the popularity of Esther has to be the always relevant story of struggle between good and evil, justice and injustice. For much of the story it appears that evil and injustice will prevail. But the last chapter of the story is not the victory of evil over good. You close the story with hope and hopefulness replacing cynicism.

Another reason is the presence and activity of God in the story of Esther. On the surface, God seems absent, not mentioned once in Esther. But as the story unfolds you you become aware God is everywhere present, sovereignly orchestrating Deliverance. You walk away with growing faith in a God who is never seen but is always delivering.

Dust off your Bible and dig into an ancient story that seems as if it was written "for a time like this."