Upper Room Community Church opened its doors to the wider Sierra Foothills region in January 2014. Located in the Nevada Street neighborhood of Auburn, California, URCC continues to grow its ministries to families and the wider community.


Churchgoers and members at Upper Room Community Church care about three aspects of spiritual life:


I. The Ways Of Christ

You will find URCC members immersed in the Word of God on Sunday mornings, in small groups, and in everyday life. Jesus taught that the spiritual journey was best made with companions and other disciples... 


II. Forming Community

In modern day Auburn, California this means making His ministry the center of life in the Upper Room. The name really speaks for itself. In Scripture, the Upper Room was central to the followers of Christ. We all know the story of the Last Supper, the culmination of Jesus' ministry.

After the resurrection, the disciples returned to this same Upper Room where they had broken bread with Jesus just days before. Afraid, but together, the disciples waited for a sign. It came in the form of the Holy Spirit and spread amongst the believers...


III. The (capital 'M') Mission Is Beyond The Church Walls

If the Holy Spirit's anointment was merely a warm fuzzy emotion meant to be kept private, Jesus' ministry might have ended in the Upper Room. However, the disciples went down into the world and shared the good news with anyone who would listen. By speaking with conviction, the community grew beyond the Upper Room and throughout the world.


In Auburn, we feel this commission today and would love to share it with you.