Advent: Days of Hope

Waiting. Not easy.  

Waiting. If you are an expectant mother, uncomfortable (I’m told). 

Waiting. When things go from bad to worse, excruciating. 

Waiting. When God seems not to notice, soul-killing. 

But waiting is what we doctor’s traffic...for a friend to show up for dinner...for the results of a medical test...for a call back from a job interview. We are people who wait.

We wait for Christmas, too. We are given opportunity to rush to Christmas. But we miss so much when we rush.  

Advent is a period of waiting. For four weeks we wait for the moment when Jesus was born, when God entered into the world of humans to rescue us from destruction.  

Tonight or tomorrow morning read these words from Romans 5:3-5. “We rejoice in our sufferings...because we know suffering [eventually] produces hope.” 

We wait in our sufferings. We don’t speed-rush through our pains. We sit quietly for awhile as things seem to go wrong. Because one day hope will come.  

And we will rejoice.